Up to today Raffel doesn?t know what he?s looking for in our band. First of all every rehearsal gets him a headache, second place he?s a real musician (he?s even able to take notes and he knows many chords and single notes by name). It must have been an act of foolishness bringing him into our cruel grip. He had and still has his own band (the Cadizier) for which he writes songs, is allowed to play ska and time after time they even go on tour in Germany. Besides he?s a Beatles-fan and cries when listening to DeeDee Ramone.

Roger (Eskimo65 his own project) is known for beautifully confounded sampleconstructions and for not saying too much. Besides he?s "lazy as a dog" (in his own words) who neglects his songs for weeks. But when put under pressure he just stops sleeping and works whole nights on just one detail we other two will never hear - except he tells us what it is. Why he lets us bungle with his songs - he doesn?t know. Maybe it?s because he is a very amiable person with a huge collection of very unamiable records.

Silvano is the only one who knows why he?s in the band: no other group would have tolerated his unability to sing for such a long time. When not trying to find notes he turns over problems (homemade ones and others he found on the streets), doesn?t destroy his microphonholder anymore since he got welded his very own model and sometimes he writes short stories. Together with Singer/Songwriter Count Vlad he has a program about conjuring up the heart of saturday night. Very briefly: he neglects us. But we can?t do it without him also. And sometimes he?s almost charming.

About our band
We met in 1996 without having a clue why. We still don?t. In the meantime we are connected by this good old punkrule: be yourself. Be Selber. Apart from that we are subjected to a fluctuating personal esteem. In your hearts we are punks we just sound funny. Our first years were spent in our rehearsalroom producing lamentables noises. But they always sounded as if one day they grew up they could be something more. Something brilliant. Well - indeed they are as today we are able to make up songs with accidental pop appeal and we like it. In the end this is the secret of our mix of coughing metal, pop with a cold and the surfguitar has a hurting back. Probably it?s just soul in need of antibiotics. We like to sonorize your birthday party, engagement or company jubilee. You can rent us but never buy. Take care of yourself nobody else will do it and maybe we?ll meet sometimes at a silver wedding.

Yours faithfully