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1.Home Sweet Home 2.Flugsand 3.Discount

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RETURN TO SELBER. Check this site for the new single at the end of august. Get well and stay selber.


Upcoming MP3 release of 3 new songs ...stay tuned


New Download: Meinungsschlamm


New review of our first album "Selber Attack" on the musicmagazin Backagain - To review


We just managed to work out the final line-up for our release-party on september 1 (at I 45, Zug, 21 h). Blocher (a kamikaze-friendship from Basel and Zug) will start smashing your ears with a fine choice of carefully selected punk- and metal-covers. Afterwards we'll present "Selberattack". The audience is kindly requested to wear business-clothes (no cashual friday for us). But you don't have to wear a tie! For anybody missing the show: Selber is booked for BOA Luzern october 27. Don't miss that too!


Roger's solo-project Eskimo65 is making progress. On www.mp3.de you already find a first of his Industrial/Ambient-Instrumentals for download. Roger also plans to release the first Eskimo65-record sometimes next spring. We'll keep you informed.


Selberattack will be published at the end of august. Right now we are organising our release-party and are trying to have some other gigs too. As soon as we know more you'll find it here. We recorded Selberattack in a few days at Foolpark-studio. Because Roger always gets really busy before recording (he's really a lazy dog), cutting himself off social life and handicrafting whole nights with the songs - we sometimes don't recognise them ourselves - he just has to plug in and record. Afterwards we other two will find a lot of details and sometimes Roger has to tell us what he really did. We still don't know how he manufactures his samples. We know he already used half of his kitchengear, tortues an almost gone radio, hits an innocent but very bad guitar (he also has a very good one but can't play it anyway) and sometimes he makes Silvano sing suspicious noises. The whole rest is his kind of trade secret. We just know for sure: if a sound seems to come off the peg for stupid one-hit-chart-wonders the sound is fired. Without notice. Raffi is another story as he moans about his fate. As a punkguitarist without ideas he tried to trick with a lot of effects from overseas. After a long talk with another guitarist (someone who really knows his instrument) he stopped using them. Since that day he's willing to play in the way the other two propose: "Come on, play like a telegram!" (Silvano) or "try to play like So-and-so of Neverheardof on the record totallyunknown" (Roger). But Raffi always declares: "Boys, I hardly know the difference betwenn surfguitar and inline-skating...". While recording Deezl forbid him to produce the classic Stratocaster-Marshall-sound. So he had to play Softmetal on a dusty 10 watt combo-amp out of the studios darker corners (Jesus liebt Dich), went digging for Bouzouki-sounds on an asian parallelogram-guitar from the Sixties (sharpened with a little more modern electronic) on Oppositionsambulanz and had to tune this thing for every new chord... Just once he was allowed to use his super-multi-effects-toy on Meuterei und Freude. An experience close to nervous breakdown: SO MANY goddamn knobs. Raffi got permanent damages but he survived. Well, two of three are nice guys in studio but Silvano is a bitch. He just hangs on the couch the whole time reading the psychology-insert of Neue Zürcher Zeitung and sleeps. From time to time he also eats sandwiches like a pig. As soon as it's his term to record everybody has to "fuck off" (if not he bites), the room has to be darkened and recording has to be very quick. He's so bloody nervous he believes as soon as recording stops he will forget about everything he ever knew - exept the lyrics. He can't remember them anyway so he has to read 'em. Only Deezl is able to talk to him then. He asked after the first take: "You really want to sing this way?" "Yes." "Oh. Good. Hmm - well let's have a look at some more voices in the chorus then." That was while recording Meuterei und Freude. To get the distortion on Haifisch he made Silvano sing trough an old hoover-pipe (erg - mites!) and got into trouble the first time. Silvano started to scream for tape and Deezl thought "Jesus Christ, just let me finish my cigarette before recording". But Silvano didn't want to tape the song he just needed to tape the microphone to the pipe... As we already said: he's a bitch. Also Roger gently told him he missed both the tune and the point to bring himself in for "Ausgeträumt". Then our weirdo started screaming about knowing himself what he missed and Roger should shut the fuck up. Then he slammed the song on tape first take like a singer/songwriter and wanted to kiss our troubled Roger afterwards: "If you hadn't pissed me off I wouldn't have hit a single note!" It's a pity he just can't act like a normal human being. Life would be worth living a lot more. Well - at least we convinced Raffi not to think about the Bouzouki-orchestra as the joke he meant it to be, we smuggled a sardic shepherd (thanx to comic-genius Walter Moers) into Handbetrieb and Deezl suggested a monkschoir with prayer leader on Meuterei und Freude. We would like to say thank you. And we feel a little sorry for Roger. After two hours he had his job done and spent the rest of the days supervising our crap. He never fell asleep.
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